Are You Planning Your First Pheasant Hunting Trip? Four Tips for Beginners

Pheasants are an enjoyable bird to hunt, and you'll find that you can easily transition many of your current hunting skills to the pursuit of these birds. People who are new to hunting also find that one of these trips is ideal since there are many places where they can go to get help learning the ropes. As a beginner, you'll want to follow these four tips for a successful adventure.

Use a Good Bird Dog

Dogs really are man's best friend, and you'll find that taking a strong bird dog on your hunt makes a huge difference. If your dog is in training, then start off on a private piece of property where you can conduct their first pheasant hunt in a more controlled environment compared to when you are on public land. This helps both you and your dog get more comfortable with your skills. Having a higher chance of success also means that you'll find it easier to reward their efforts at tracking the birds.

Choose the Right Time and Location

There are certain areas that are known for being excellent places for pheasant hunting. As a beginner, your best location may be at a private property where you have access to a vast area of land as well as a guide. Look for locations that have good water sources since this is where you can expect to find birds congregating. Once you begin to plan your itinerary, keep in mind that pheasants are easier to find in the early morning and late afternoon hours when they are out looking for food. 

Follow the Applicable Laws

In many areas, there is a defined season for hunting pheasants. Certain areas also require you to follow laws regarding licensing as well as daily limits. When you book your trip, ask the place that you are staying at about the laws that apply so that you can be sure to stay in compliance.

Keep Things Quiet

Unless you are using a caller, staying quiet is just good advice for most hunting trips. However, pheasants are especially capable of being scared off by noise. You can talk quietly to your hunting buddies, but try to avoid speaking as much as possible. If you are staying at a pheasant hunting lodge, then take some time to go over a few hand signals with your group before you head out on your hunt. This will make it easier to communicate without giving yourself away.

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