Choosing the Perfect Hotel for a Weekend Getaway

If you are lucky enough to have a weekend away with your loved one, the hotel that you choose can make all the difference. Whether you want a quaint bed and breakfast where you have a homemade breakfast made by the owners or are looking for a high-end five-star hotel, you will probably have a variety of options to consider as you plan your weekend away. Think about the time you'll be spending in the room, what amenities are important to you, and what types of services you want available nearby where you are staying. With some careful planning, you can have a great weekend away with your favorite loved one.

Consider a Local Inn for Solitude

Many local inns are hidden gems in their community, and you may want to do some research on inns available to you in the place you want to visit. An inn is often an intimate, quiet place where you'll get a feel for the local culture. Often owned by individuals and families, inns are a great way to experience a place and support small-business owners.

Find a Place That Offers the Amenities You Want

If you want room service, or if you want to visit a day spa, you'll be needing a hotel room in a larger facility that has a variety of services. While you will spend more money on a higher-end hotel, you'll get what you are hoping for when it comes to a high-end hotel. 

Consider the Local Restaurants and Shops

Before you commit to a hotel room, do some research on local restaurants and shops. Look for activities that you and your loved one enjoy together. While you may not want to spend much time outside your room, you'll eventually want to go out for a nice meal. If you love shopping, find an area that offers unique shopping opportunities that you can't find at home. If you are making plans to surprise your sweetheart, planning the details around a special restaurant may be the perfect gift.

Don't Go Too Far Away from Home

While a five-hour drive may seem like no big deal, you can end up spending your whole weekend together in the car. It won't matter what kind of hotel room you get if you spend your time driving instead. Look for places within two hours of your home, and you'll still feel like you had a nice weekend getaway.