Renting A Hotel? Things To Do Before Checking In With Pets

You travel with your pets, and so do lots of other people. This means that around three out of four hotels, from cheaper hotels to more luxurious lodging facilities, allow pets. If you're traveling with your animals in the near future and plan on renting a hotel room, then use this guide to help ensure that your hotel rental goes well. Speak to the hotel staff directly While it's often easier to book a hotel room online, when it comes to lodging in hotels with your pets, you want to make sure that there are no rules you'll inadvertently be breaking by bringing your pets with you when you arrive for your stay. Read More 

Are You Planning Your First Pheasant Hunting Trip? Four Tips for Beginners

Pheasants are an enjoyable bird to hunt, and you'll find that you can easily transition many of your current hunting skills to the pursuit of these birds. People who are new to hunting also find that one of these trips is ideal since there are many places where they can go to get help learning the ropes. As a beginner, you'll want to follow these four tips for a successful adventure. Read More