Renting A Hotel? Things To Do Before Checking In With Pets

You travel with your pets, and so do lots of other people. This means that around three out of four hotels, from cheaper hotels to more luxurious lodging facilities, allow pets. If you're traveling with your animals in the near future and plan on renting a hotel room, then use this guide to help ensure that your hotel rental goes well.

Speak to the hotel staff directly

While it's often easier to book a hotel room online, when it comes to lodging in hotels with your pets, you want to make sure that there are no rules you'll inadvertently be breaking by bringing your pets with you when you arrive for your stay. Avoid any potential miscommunications with your hotel reservations by speaking to hotel staff members directly. You want to ask about pets being allowed, what the pet restrictions are, such as weight, breed, or even species restrictions, and if pet fees apply. If pet fees apply, are they refundable, or are they included in the hotel rate already?

Ask for a ground-floor room

When you book hotel rooms, it's best to ask for rooms that are on the ground floor, preferably near an exit, so you can discreetly allow your pets outside to do their business without disturbing other guests. While you can make a request in your reservation for specific rooms, the best way to ensure to get the room you want is to check in early so you can change rooms before they get filled if the hotels you visit have the ability to rearrange reservations for you.

Ask what pet amenities are

With so many hotels having the ability to allow pets, it's likely they have amenities your pets can enjoy as well. Ask what pet amenities are available to your pets, such as a pet walking area, complementary pet treats, or close proximity to nearby pet parks with a hotel discount applied to them. Front desk staff at hotels should be able to supply you the information you need regarding lodging with your pets.

When you travel with your pets, bring along things they're familiar with. This includes favorite toys, food and water dishes, and other creature-comfort things that can help make traveling easier. Never leave pets unattended in hotels, even if the hotels don't have any restrictions regarding unattended pets. Carry pet waste bags on you at all times so you can easily and discreetly clean up messes any of your pets make while staying in hotel properties.

Contact hotels in your area to learn more.