4 Ways To Feel At Home In Temporary Housing

Yes, temporary housing is just as it sounds — a temporary solution. However, for the duration of your stay, it is your home, and it should feel as such. Whether you plan to be in temporary housing for a few weeks or several months, learn about some of the things you can do to feel most at home.

1. Grab Some Smell Goods

A great way to feel at home is to make your temporary space smell like home. Whether you have a favorite scent of a candle or wall plug-in, head to the store and pick one up so that you can infuse the space with the smell of home. Once you leave the property, you can pack up these fixtures and use them in your new home. Just make sure you ask about any restrictions. Some properties may not allow you to burn candles, so make sure you know the guidelines.

2. Fill the Pantry and the Fridge

It is hard to feel at home if you are eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A great way to make your space feel more comfortable is to fill the pantry and the fridge. Cooking a meal is a quick way to make a space feel more inviting and home-like. Keep in mind that some temporary housing properties offer grocery delivery services, so you may want to find out if they can help you with this step.

3. Put Away Your Suitcase

It does not matter if your stay will be for three weeks or three months; you do not want to live out of your suitcase. Living out of a suitcase makes you feel like you are on the go, which is the opposite of what home should feel like. Fortunately, temporary housing properties typically have dressers and plenty of closet space, so go ahead and unpack so that you can better settle in.

4. Add Some Personal Items

If your plans include you staying in the property for more than a month, you may want to go ahead and invest in some personal items. A comfortable pillow or blanket, a pair of house slippers, or a few family photos are just some of the personal items you can arrange around the property to make it feel cozier and just like home.

Keep these tips in mind as you adjust, and you will feel right at home no matter how long your stay is. For more information on temporary housing, contact a local housing community.