3 Ways To Increase Occupancy At Your Hotel This Fall And Winter

If your hotel struggles to bring in the level of business you need during the fall or winter months, there are multiple strategies that you can use that will help you bring in more people to the hotel.  

1. Update Your Website 

When people look for a place to stay, one of the first things they are going to do is put in a search term such as "best hotels in the fall" or "places to stay in [city name]."  

You want to make sure that your website is updated for the current season and optimized to bring in customers. What can you offer to customers during the fall and winter season that they would enjoy? Do you have a fireplace with seating in the main area that people can use? Do you have a hot chocolate and coffee station that guests can use twenty-four hours a day during the colder times of the year? What types of outdoor fall or winter activities are in the area? 

Make sure that your website is set up to demonstrate to potential customers why your hotel would be a good place to stay this fall or winter season, and make sure that your content is optimized for search engines.  

2. Offer Special Seasonal Packages 

Offer special packages for your customers. For example, you could offer a limousine tour of the fall leaves in the area and partner with a local limousine company. Or you could offer tickets to a popular winter play or event in the area. Put together special event packages that highlight what the area has to offer in the fall. This can help you bring in visitors who are looking for an experience instead of just a place to stay.  

3. Set Competitive Rates 

Setting rates is not something you do only once. You need to evaluate your rates throughout the season and make sure that you have competitive rates. Keep in mind that you may bring in more guests at lower rates, and make more money overall, than you would when charging higher rates.  

For example, you may charge $250 per night for rooms, but you are only able to book 100 rooms, bringing in $25,000 per night. In order to fill more rooms, you lower the price to $175 per night, and you book out 175 rooms a night, bringing in $30,625 per night. You want your rates to make you money, and you also want them to fill up your hotel. 

If you want to bring in more guests during the fall and winter season, you need to update your website to cater to fall and winter visitors. Your website shouldn't be all about how your city is such a great place in the summer and be void of fall and winter activities. Change your website with the season, and offer special seasonal packages to visitors in order to further customize their experience. For more ideas, contact hotels in your area.