What Are You Expecting In Pet-Friendly Apartments For Rent?

When you have a pet, you want to make sure that you have lodging that works out well for them. Pet-friendly apartments for rent allow pets, but some of them are more animal-friendly than others. If you want to have the best experience in a luxury apartment community where you can have your pets with you, then check out this guide to help you out.

Pet-friendly park or designated area

Pet-friendly apartments for rent that have actual areas where pets can easily do their business are much more convenient than apartments that allow pets but have no other amenities for them. When looking at pet-friendly apartment rentals, check out the surrounding grounds, taking note of the grassy areas and walking paths within close access to the apartments.

Pet-friendly access to the apartment

If you're renting in a multi-level apartment complex, are there ground-floor rooms where you can easily get your pet in and out of the space? Do you have access to elevators that pets are allowed to use? Do the apartments have exterior or interior entrances? Interior entrances will increase the chances of your pet running into another pet or tenant in a hallway, so if your pet is not a social creature, consider an apartment with an exterior entrance for more privacy and less interaction.

Pet-friendly limitations

You might see pet-friendly apartments for rent on the market, but not all of them allow every kind and size of pets. If you are looking at an apartment that will allow a large dog, for example, make sure that the properties you're looking at allow dogs and dog breeds of all sizes so you don't encounter these potential restrictions later.

Pet-friendly costs

Some apartments that allow pets simply have a monthly pet fee, while others only have a single deposit you pay per pet when you first sign your lease. Choose from pet-friendly apartments for rent that not only allow pets but make it affordable to live in these apartments by having fewer pet fees — which you don't get back when you exit your lease — and more lenient deposits.

You'll have to provide references and vet records for your pets when you sign a lease for pet-friendly apartments for rent, largely because landlords want to ensure their tenants are responsible with their pets. If you have photographs of your pet, all the better: it can help make renting apartments easier when your potential landlord knows what your pet looks like.