What To Know About Bringing Your Pet To A Hotel

You may be planning a vacation in the next few months and would like to bring your pet along with you. In recent years, many pet-friendly hotels have come onto the scene making it easier for pet owners to travel with their furry friends.

If you are looking for pet-friendly hotels, here are some things you should know about bringing your pet along with you. 

Know The Hotel Rules Regarding Pets

While more pet-friendly hotels exist, they don't all accept the same type and size of pets. There are some pet-friendly hotels that don't accept cats at all, or perhaps don't allow smaller animals like gerbils or hamsters. Some hotels only accept small dogs on site too. It's best to know the rules regarding what type of pet the hotel will allow.

It's important to know all the hotel rules regarding pets. This also includes where on the hotel property is designated for you to take your dog for a walk, and where to dispose of their waste after. You also need to know if there is a limit to how many pets you can bring with you.

Also, you need to know if your dog or other pet has to be kenneled while on-site or while taking them in the common areas. You may not be allowed to leave your dog or other pet alone in your room either. Always check ahead of time for the rules of any pet-friendly hotels you look at.

Health And Cleanliness

When you take your pet to pet-friendly hotels you will need to make sure your dog, cat, or other pet is in good health. This includes, if they take any medications, you need to be sure you bring them along with you. Some pet-friendly hotels require up-to-date vaccination records for your pets before they will be allowed to stay on site.

Your pet needs to be clean and should not have fleas. It's possible that if your pet has fleas or was sick and you brought your pet along anyway, you could be subject to additional fees for extra cleaning of the room.

Some Hotels Offer Pet-friendly Services

When you look for pet-friendly hotels, you should look for hotels that offer services geared toward your pet. This could include grooming and washing, dog walking or sitting, and even playdates with other dogs in the hotel if they are friendly enough.

Some hotels that allow other pets such as cats also offer cat sitting, cat treats and if your cat is sociable, a room where they can interact with others.