Why You Should Consider Staying In A Boutique Hotel

You most likely have stayed in a standard chain hotel during previous vacations. While you might have enjoyed your stay, maybe you are looking for something a little different and perhaps more unique for your next vacation. If you are, then you might want to consider staying in a boutique hotel instead of a traditional chain hotel or bed and breakfast.

Boutique hotels offer a little something extra to your stay that a regular chain hotel might lack. Here are some top reasons why you should consider booking a stay at a boutique hotel for your next trip. 

They Have A Unique Design

While large chain hotels might look elegant and very nice, they typically all look the same. There isn't much that is different about them or that stands out. A boutique hotel on the other hand tends to have a unique and different design to their decor and layout.

They tend to have interesting designs and are decorated to appeal to their clientele. You can also find them in almost any type of building, such as a historical house, an old warehouse setting, and even an ultra-modern building that has smart features designed into it.

Many boutique hotels offer customized theme rooms for fans of sci-fi, theater, or romance novels. Some are designed based on their locations as well, for example, a boutique hotel located near the ocean could have a seaside theme with beach-inspired decor and menus. 

Private And Smaller Accommodations

Boutique hotels are usually smaller than a standard chain hotel which means you have more privacy with the hotel being less crowded than a larger hotel tends to be. While many boutique hotels offer similar amenities to a large chain, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and even a spa, they won't have the same number of guests for those who enjoy fewer people around.

In some cases, a boutique hotel might offer private swimming pools for each room in the hotel. They are smaller than your average pool but are private and exclusive to only you and your guests. 

It is possible that your chosen boutique hotel has its own restaurant or dining area that is more intimate, so you can enjoy your meal with just you and your guest, or perhaps you would like to meet new friends and interact with other diners. This is possible with a smaller hotel in a comfortable and warm setting.

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